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AnteSpam Email Security Overview

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Simple, Flexible Email Security

It works great without adjustment, but you can also tailor it to unique needs:

  • End-to-end encryption is automatic. AnteSpam automatically encrypts incoming email from TLS-enabled senders (most legitimate senders) and uses an encrypted connection to forward the non-spam email to your tls-enabled email server.
  • Optional filters can safely sideline SpearPhishing emails or email with potentially dangerous zero-day malware hidden as archive or executable attachments, GeoIP based on the sender geographic location, or "non-latin" (Russian or Asian) characters.
  • Lock down an address, perhaps a child's, so that only emails with a specific password or sender will be allowed through.
  • Domain and address aliases are multiple email addresses configured for a single mailbox address, for example,,, and for This cuts your costs and simplifies your spam filter management.
  • Change sensitivity of the spam detection engine for the entire domain or individual addresses to avoid legitimate emails getting filtered or make the filter more strict.
  • Block and pass lists are powerful tools and can override our normal processing for your entire domain or specific addresses.
Service Benefits

AnteSpam Email Security can drastically cut the load and improve the performance of your Internet connection and email server and help you recognize and avoid dangerous email.

  • If your email server is unavailable, Emergency Queuing automatically stores your emails and attempts to send them to you for up to 7 days.
  • Your addresses can receive an email with a list of the subjects from their "caught" spam as often as daily.
  • You can sign up for an optional monthly email to your domain admin(s) with your current list of addresses, making it easy to review and check for invalid accounts.
  • We provide 24/7 email support and will happily answer your questions about AnteSpam and Internet email.
  • If you add optional Email Security Training, the AnteSpam team will provide a simple and continuous learning experience about malware Phishing and SpearPhishing email for you and your users without interrupting work while reading email.
  • If your email is hosted with AnteSpam then your email is encrypted from your mailbox to your PC or smart phone. If you use AnteSpam for outbound email then your email to TLS-enabled recipient servers is encrypted too.
Easy To Manage

Sign up -- change your domain DNS MX (inbound filtering only) -- just read your email.

  • Spam & virus definitions are continuously researched and updated so that as spammers get better, we do too.
  • AnteSpam AutoAddressing can automatically build a list of valid addresses for your domain*.
  • Flexible Each address can manage their own sidelined email and retrieve backed up** email.
  • Multiple managers can be set for your account. These managers can administer any number of domains or addresses.

*AutoAddressing only applies to inbound filtering. Your email server must be set to reject or bounce email sent to invalid or unknown addresses.

**If you have purchased Email Backup.


AnteSpam has a fault-tolerant and reliable system to receive, process, and deliver email or sideline spam. Our servers are "in the cloud" located in a secure data center, connected to the Internet through multiple backbones. We use numerous servers running in parallel behind a load-balancing front-end. If a server goes down, our other servers continue to handle the load so that your email will not stop.

We store sidelined email on multiple servers, although not in parallel. The sideline email servers use RAID arrays for disk storage - if a single hard drive fails, the sidelined email is still safe and accessible. If a sideline email server is temporarily out of service, the sidelined email stored on it might be unavailable for a short period, but it will not be lost.

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How AnteSpam filtering works

After you sign up and log in you will see a page with the list of your email domains. We start with the one you entered when you signed up, but you can add more (or delete that first one).

Each domain has its email server host name (usualy|net|org) or the IP address where your email is stored. You update your domain's DNS (Domain Name System) MX record to tell the Internet to send your incoming email to "" (yes, spelled with an 'e') and we do the rest.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Some email hosting companies (GoDaddy and others) will not accept your email if you point your DNS MX record anywhere but their service. We are not sure why they do this and requests for explanation have not been answered. So Antespam can not help you if you are using one of these services with restrictive polices to host your email. If you are using an email hosting service and want to try AnteSpam, please coordinate with us when you switch your DNS MX record and we can quickly tell you if there is a problem.

When someone sends you an email, it is sent to AnteSpam's bank of servers first. If you have virus protection enabled for your domain, email is checked for viruses first. If a virus is detected, the email is deleted completely. Next, if the email matches an entry in your block or pass lists, it is handled appropriately. If the email does not match anything on your block or pass lists, it is handed off to the spam detection engine - Spamassassin(tm). Spamassassin evaluates the email with hundreds of tests and gives it a "score." If the score is below the junk threshold for the domain/address, the email is sent on to your normal email server. If the score is at or above your junk threshold (which you control), the email is sent to the sideline for your domain, where you can view it if you wish. If you ignore the sidelined email, it will eventually be deleted to make room for more.

You can learn more details in our AnteSpam Email Filtering Explained video which is also embedded below the flowchart.