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AnteSpam Email Security (Phishing Awareness) Training (EST)

LOGIN ( Help Video )
How Email Security Training (EST) Works
How You Interact With EST

After you enter the domain information and addresses to receive the EST (or enable it if your domain is already using AnteSpam for your mail), unless you have enabled "Stealth mode", AnteSpam will send a "Welcome to EST" email to all users that explains the service and report cards. If Stealth mode is enabled no welcome emails nor report cards will be sent to the users.

EST Emails Come to Your Inbox

Between 12 and 72 hours after EST is enabled (it will vary for each user) we will begin randomly (1 to 4 times a week) sending special EST simulated phishing email (sim email) to your email addresses. Everyone should read their email like always and delete anything believed to be dangerous. The copyrighted sim emails are specially crafted by the AnteSpam staff and are based on actual recent and recurring Snowshoe spam and other phishing attack emails. However, instead of being dangerous, each sim email is a learning experience and reminder that tracks how the user deals with it. Delete it (as they should every dangerous email) for a perfect score. Mistakes result in a "teaching minute" to help the user recognize and avoid future dangerous email.

Mistakes Are How You Learn

If someone mistakenly clicks on an EST sim email, they will automatically be directed to a page to learn how the phishing and malware developers try to take advantage of a reader's trust. They will also be shown how to spot the warning signs of dangerous email. These are easy to find if they know where to look, what to look for, and most importantly REMEMBER to look. Check out what an EST learning page is like in this short video and learn Seven Ways Malicious Emails Trick Readers!

Strong Emotion Improves Retention

Many dangerous phishing emails attempt to create stong emotions like fear, confusion, or anger. They want you to forget your training and click on something before checking it. EST simulates some of these emails. However, in the case of EST sim emails these strong emotions help you remember the lesson much longer and the stronger the emotion, the longer the lesson is retained. So in the case of EST sim emails, strong emotion can be a good thing.

EST Adapts to Users' Results

EST's adaptive training automatically adjusts the frequency and content of the training emails for each individual based on their recent performance. So users that need more help will receive it while security savvy users will be scaled back to weekly reminders.

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