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AnteSpam Email Security Options

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Email Security Training

Snowshoe spam and zero-hour phishing attacks are happening every day. For pennies a day the AnteSpam staff will periodically & randomly send specially crafted training email to you and your staff. These copyrighted emails are based on actual phishing emails, but instead of being dangerous, each one is a learning experience with tags to track how the user deals with it. Mistakes result in a "teaching minute" to help you recognize and avoid future dangerous email. AnteSpam tracks how well each person is doing and can provide that information to an administrator as needed and a weekly "Report Card" email.

Read a more detailed description and FAQs.

Outbound Filtering

Send your outbound email through our service to be checked for spam & viruses and reduce the risk of your email server being blacklisted. We will check your outbound email and alert you and the sender immediately if we find anything suspicious or an outbound sender suddenly starts sending hundreds or thousands of emails. If we find a suspicious email, you or the sender can log into AnteSpam and see the email and take appropriate action to release it or determine the source and stop it.

Mailbox Address Aliases

We only bill for the Internet email mailboxes. For example, If the address aliases John.Doe@, JDoe@, and JohnD@ all go to one email mailbox for your domain(s), you only need to pay for the one mailbox address. This cuts your costs and simplifies spam filter management as you only manage settings for the mailbox address. Limit is 5 aliases per mailbox address.

Email Hosting

Let AnteSpam provide ALL your email services and save you money. AnteSpam Email Hosting includes our email filtering with 7-day backup of all incoming emails, and outbound filtering (with alerts for caught spam & viruses) with long term storage (up to 10GB per mailbox address) for all your valid email with mobile, desktop, and web-based access 24/7/365.

Inbound Filtering

Let AnteSpam check your inbound email for spam, viruses, Zero-day malware in dangerous hidden executables and Spear Phishing attacks. When found, virus email is removed, suspicious email and spam is sidelined for you to review at your lesiure (or ignore it and it will be automatically cleaned after 7 days), and legitmate email sent on to your inbox. Inbound filtering also gives you access to AnteSpam's support team to help locate missing inbound email or any other related issues.

Emergency Email

We can stand ready to provide your complete email service in case your primary mail server goes down unexpectedly.

If the worst happens, at the flick of a web form check box, our service will handle all your incoming and outgoing email with unlimited storage for your mail boxes. This also includes available webmail in case your normal email work stations are not available (for example, if your building lost power for an extended time). Our Emergency email is compatible with normal IMAP email clients on tablets and smart phones.

Email Backup

The number of days of your non-spam email you want us to hold for you, to be resent at your command. We can hold up to three months (93 days) of your valid email.

Test Emails

Required for AutoAddresses if your server is behind a firewall or it does not support SMTP recipient validation. In that case our email filtering will need to use test emails to automatically learn your valid email addresses. You can avoid this expense by managing your email addresses in AnteSpam by hand.

Paper Invoices

You can have us mail a paper copy of your invoice via postal mail. Our invoices are normally sent as email to your billing email address and you can download a .pdf copy at any time from your AnteSpam account. However, for your convenience you can elect to have us send them via postal mail.

How Much Does It All Cost?

Probably less than you think. The cost depends on how many mailbox addresses AnteSpam is protecting or hosting and what features you need. You can use our AnteSpam Cost Calculator to find your suggested retail cost quickly and easily.