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AnteSpam Email Security (Phishing Awareness) Training (EST)

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EST Management Access and Control
Select Who to Train

Train everyone in your organization by clicking one checkbox in your domain settings. If there are addresses in AnteSpam that do not need Email Security Training (EST), you can optionally exclude them.

Or you can turn on EST only for specific addresses in your organization.

Customize Phishinig Awareness Training

With EST's group profiles you can select one or more profiles to tighten the focus of the training emails for an individual. So, for example, your executives or financial or medical professionals can receive a higher percentage of training emails related to their profession. Of course anyone can receive any type of phishing email, so the selection of a profile does not restrict exposure to the bulk of EST training emails.

Track User Performance

Email Security Training tracks how each user is doing and we send that to them in a weekly "report card" email, which includes optional, brief, focused training videos for users that respond better to more visually oriented training examples. There is a short video about the different ways a user can receive information and learn about phishing emails with EST.

EST also sends a weekly domain summary report card email to the domain administrator(s) that includes historical performance for their domain and individual performance scores for everyone using EST. We made a video showing how a domain administrator can track EST performance of their domain and individual users.

And that is it...There are no classes or seminars to be forgotten within days. Just read your email and Email Security Training will help you learn and then remind you to be safe while doing it.

Switch to Scheduled mode to periodically disable and enable EST for experienced users while bringing new users up to speed quickly.

Some organizations may not want EST operating all the time. EST Scheduled mode allows you to enable EST in selected calendar months. In those calendar months when EST is disabled, it will still detect any new users you add and immediately train them. This helps reduce your security risk and brings all your users up to a similar phishing knowledge level as quickly as possible. See how Scheduled EST works.

EST's optional Stealth mode

Sometimes you may want to test your users knowledge without them being aware they are being tested. For that situation, EST has a Stealth mode which will not send the normal introductory Welcome email to new users nor the weekly user report card emails. At the same time all domain administrator features are still available.

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